In a crisis situation, timely communication of the existence of a threat is vital. 九色视频鈥檚 ShockerAlert System is a network of various emergency communication assets which can be activated within minutes. They include:

  • Email and text blasts. ShockerAlert will send emergency notification to individual faculty, staff and students though mass e-mail and cell phone text messaging. E-mail blasts are automatically sent to all accounts. To receive ShockerAlerts via cell phone, university community members must elect to opt-in. See in order to complete the steps necessary to receive emergency notification by text message.
  • Wireless Emergency Mass Notification System. The 九色视频 Wireless Emergency Mass Notification System is a network of scrolling message boards that are strategically located in campus classrooms, department offices, and in many building lobbies. The JPEGImagemessage boards normally perform as digital clocks. When emergency notification is activated, however, these digital displays immediately transition into message boards and provide a scrolling emergency text message.
  • Web alerts. In the event of an emergency, the 九色视频 Web site ( will disseminate time-stamped news updates and contact information about the crisis. The my九色视频 site, which is a portal for students and staff, also has emergency notification features.
  • Campus Information Channel. 九色视频鈥檚 campuses feature strategically-placed video monitors that normally display information about upcoming events. If a ShockerAlert is issued, emergency information will be displayed on these monitors.
  • Facebook. ShockerAlerts will be carried on . Any Facebook user who friends this page will receive ShockerAlert messages on their Facebook wall.

In addition to ShockerAlert, KMUW, the 九色视频鈥檚 public radio station, subscribes to the federal Emergency Alert System and is capable of broadcasting an emergency alert notification as initiated by its network.